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it’s me again!

hahaha you cannot get away from my posts! unless you choose not to look on the site. dang you, you clever minxes.

so just wanted to reach out on here to y’all too and say that if you have any suggestions for improvements to the program- events you’d like to see, stuff you want in our computer lab, etc. let me know and i’ll see what i can do as student office assistant. i will work hard to be receptive and open to comments rather than responsive so we can make this an even better grad experience.

but y’all don’t expect me to talk professional like on here, right? like no cap letters unless i’m talking about the Heathen Kingdoms or Stormlight Archive or something. then i’ll cap. obvi.

also, i’m finally reading lizzie’s recommended jonathan strange and mr norrell and it is indeed exceedingly enjoyable both in audiobook and book formats. to complete my Englishman experience- I watched the Kingsman movie again last night and I’m also reading Accidental Highwayman and rereading Good Omens (did y’all hear a mini series is happening for that soon? terry’s last wish to neil? that’s the word on the street. and by street i mean in my lil public library). all are very fun reads. cept the movie, which is a view, not a read. and a tad violent in case that’s not your thang.

lastly- y’all know you can get a BPL digital card if your MA residents right? and that they have Hoopla with audiobooks, ebooks, and… wait for it.. videos! woohhooo! i’m gonna get my groove on with sweatin’ to the oldies tonight- but they also have more modern choices like the Librarian and Serenity, etcetera, etcetera



Quick Book (Review)s

Currently Reading

Hey guys, I’m reading Nevada by Imogen Binnie and it’s really amazing.

Here’s the back blurb:

“Nevada is the darkly comedic story of a Maria Griffiths a young trans woman living in New York City and trying to stay true to her punk values while working retail. When she finds out her girlfriends has lied to her, the world she thought she’d carefully built for herself begins to unravel, and Maria sets out on a journey that will most certainly change her forever.”

It’s sort of stream of consciousness writing. I like it a lot.

Free Music Archive

Y’all know about this one right? It’s freakin’ awesome, so I just want to make sure. Great for background for your videos or just chillin’ around the house. Of course, Lemonade and Undertoe are not on there- but I mean you can’t have everything. At least it’s not gonna get shut down like old Grooveshark for being illegal.

YA Reading

Hey Hey! Now that it’s summer we’ll have more time to read, right? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

ok. now that that’s done. Our YA collection development class had a good reading list. If you’re interested in hearing more about the class as a whole- ask Katy, Lizzie, Rachel, or me who are all in it. Either way though- the reading list was fun so I’m putting it up here for your perusal. The prof was cool with this, don’t worry.

LIS 483 YA Literature Final Reading List 2016



Just sharing a comic cause it made me laugh in a “oh god, so true” kinda way.

MBLC Email Distribution Lists

Y’all know about signing up for different MBLC email lists, right? The freebies one can be fun if you’re in a position where you do some collection dev for your library. The various discussion lists are good too.

Swap a DVD

Did y’all know about this site? My library uses it all the time. We send in any duplicate DVDs we have- it’s about 50 cents + shipping cost, and you get a credit for each individual disc you send it. (so if it’s a 4 disc set it’s 4 credits). Then you can use your credits to get a DVD someone else has sent in. pretty dope.

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